Federal Government Compliance

Synopsis: As with anything related to the federal government, selling goods and services to the feds is anything but simple. Similar to the commercial marketplace, contracting with the U.S. government requires the careful targeting of potential buyers, beating the competition and then, if ultimately successful, the skillful negotiation of terms. That, unfortunately or not, is where the similarities end. The United States government is the biggest single customer in the world spending over 365 billion dollars on goods and services each year. As such, and armed with this purchasing power, the federal government uses its distinct status to enforce a myriad of laws and regulations of varying designs. Some are intended to protect a contractor’s workers, some aim to promote government contracting for businesses of certain sizes, while yet others seek to promote the purchase of American made products among other things. The breadth and scope of these requirements is too expansive to be covered here in its entirety. However, the compliance requirements below should serve as a good example of the various compliance requirements that could apply in a contract with the federal government that you wouldn’t find in the commercial marketplace.

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