GSA Audits

Synopsis: All General Services Administration (“GSA”) Multiple Award Schedule solicitations contain provisions that provide GSA with certain rights to access and audit a contractor’s records. These provisions are usually invoked in three types of scenarios: pre-award audits, post-award audits, and the friendly sounding, but often dreaded, Contractor Assistance Visits (“CAV’s”). Pre-award audits rarely occur prior to the award of a vendor’s initial GSA Schedule contract; instead, a pre-award audit is much more likely to be conducted in the context of the renewal of a contractor’s GSA Schedule contract for an additional five year period. Post-awards, which in the 90’s and early 00’s were rarely conducted, have seen a renewed popularity with the folks at GSA. CAV’s are conducted as a regular course of business and every GSA Schedule contractor should expect one at least every year or so.

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