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Is Your GSA/VA Consultant Up To The Task?


Bulletin: Changes on the Horizon for GSA Contractor Assistance Visits

Tom Brady, General Service Administration’s Director, Supplier Management Division. GSA/FAS/Office of Acquisition Management spoke via webinar on March 12, 2015 on the subject of Contractor Assistance Visits (“CAVs”). Mr. Brady presented future changes to the CAVs that GSA is currently investigating. In summary, GSA is looking to streamline the process to make the CAVS shorter […]

GSA Plans to Close Certain Special Item Numbers Under the Multiple Award Schedule Program to New Offerors

Bulletin: Last week the General Services Administration (“GSA”) made public its intention to close out certain Special Item Numbers (“SINs”) under its popular Multiple Award Schedule (“MAS”) program. The SIN’s to be eliminated are those that GSA deems to be part of an “ever shrinking market.” In his statement to the House Small Business Subcommittee […]

Small Business Set-Asides Now Allowed Under the GSA Schedule Program

Synopsis: For decades now, GSA and SBA have fervently argued over the application of the Small Business Act’s small business set-aside rule to the GSA Schedule program. SBA claimed that the requirement to set-aside procurements valued between $3,000 and $100,000 exclusively for small businesses applied to GSA Schedule task orders under a clear reading of […]

E Stands for (Just About) Everything

Synopsis: About five or six years ago, we wrote about the steadily growing E-Government trend as evidenced by the numerous websites the government was using to effectuate E-Procurement such as eOffer, eBuy, and eLibrary.  Back then we looked through our crystal ball and predicted that a day would come when doing business with the federal […]

The Service Contract Act and GSA Schedules – Yes, It Does Apply (But It May Not Affect You)

Synopsis: Many GSA Schedule contractors operate under the mistaken belief that the Service Contract Act (“SCA”) does not apply to GSA Schedules. In fact, until just recently, there were also many GSA Schedule Contracting Officers that believed the same thing. The Department of Labor (“DOL”), Wage and Hour Division, however, will tell you otherwise. With […]

Government Video Expo 2009 GSA Schedules Presentation

This presentation, given at the 2009 GV Expo, covers the basics of GSA Schedule contracts and highlights latest trends in GSA Schedule contracting including compliance issues associated with almost all GSA Schedule contracts.

GSA Audits

Synopsis: All General Services Administration (“GSA”) Multiple Award Schedule solicitations contain provisions that provide GSA with certain rights to access and audit a contractor’s records. These provisions are usually invoked in three types of scenarios: pre-award audits, post-award audits, and the friendly sounding, but often dreaded, Contractor Assistance Visits (“CAV’s”). Pre-award audits rarely occur prior […]

The Myth of Most Favored Customer Pricing

Synopsis: With more and more frequency, we run into manufacturers and other vendors who are interested in obtaining a GSA Schedule contract but are turned off by the thought of having to provide their very best price to GSA customers. These vendors have been told that GSA, as the world’s biggest customer in the aggregate, […]