The Service Contract Act and GSA Schedules – Yes, It Does Apply (But It May Not Affect You)

Synopsis: Many GSA Schedule contractors operate under the mistaken belief that the Service Contract Act (“SCA”) does not apply to GSA Schedules. In fact, until just recently, there were also many GSA Schedule Contracting Officers that believed the same thing. The Department of Labor (“DOL”), Wage and Hour Division, however, will tell you otherwise. With the recent enactment of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (“ARRA”) and the influx of procurement dollars, DOL’s investigative task force has been revitalized and a new legion of investigators has been hired and dispatched with the renewed goal of ensuring that service employees working under federal contracts are paid prevailing wage and benefits. In other words, a DOL inspector could be knocking on your door sooner rather than later.

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