• GAO Bid Protest Decision VetsTec, LLC
    Bid protest is dismissed where the protester is not an interested party to challenge the procurement.   → more
  • Bid Protest Decision OnPoint Consulting, Inc.
    Bid protest that the agency’s technical evaluation was unequal is denied where the record shows that the agency assessed strengths to the awardee and not to the protester as a result of differences in the offerors’ proposals.       → more
  • GAO Bid Protest Jurisdiction, Timeliness, and Automatic Stay
    When considering filing a protest, due dates and jurisdictional rules vary depending on the type of procurement at issue.  Here is a quick cheat-sheet for GAO protest jurisdiction, timeliness, and the automatic stay.     → more
  • GAO Bid Protest Decision TCG, Inc.
    Bid protest asserting latent ambiguities in the solicitation is dismissed as untimely where the protester could have raised this protest ground in its initial protest filing, but failed to do so.  GAO denied protest allegation challenging the agency’s price reasonableness analysis, finding that the agency reasonably documented its determination that the awardee’s price, while higher […] → more

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