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GAO Bid Protest Decision ARC Relocation, LLC

Bid protest that the agency applied an unstated evaluation criterion in assessing a significant strength to the awardee’s quotation is denied where the agency assessed the significant strength based on an aspect of the awardee’s quotation that was reasonably encompassed by the solicitation’s evaluation criteria.

GAO Bid Protest Decision VetsTec, LLC

Bid protest is dismissed where the protester is not an interested party to challenge the procurement.  

Bid Protest Decision OnPoint Consulting, Inc.

Bid protest that the agency’s technical evaluation was unequal is denied where the record shows that the agency assessed strengths to the awardee and not to the protester as a result of differences in the offerors’ proposals.      

GAO Bid Protest Jurisdiction, Timeliness, and Automatic Stay

When considering filing a protest, due dates and jurisdictional rules vary depending on the type of procurement at issue.  Here is a quick cheat-sheet for GAO protest jurisdiction, timeliness, and the automatic stay.    

GAO Bid Protest Decision TCG, Inc.

Bid protest asserting latent ambiguities in the solicitation is dismissed as untimely where the protester could have raised this protest ground in its initial protest filing, but failed to do so.  GAO denied protest allegation challenging the agency’s price reasonableness analysis, finding that the agency reasonably documented its determination that the awardee’s price, while higher […]

Beer & Bid Protests

Should I file a bid protest? What should I ask in a debriefing? What is my timeline for filing a protest? What if I win an award that is protested? COME GET ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED AT BID PROTESTS OVER BEER!    


Contractors have many balls to juggle at one time. Performing awarded contracts; submitting proposals for new work; identifying potential subcontractors; paying personnel; and complying with the rules under the FAR and applicable contract clauses.  

GAO Bid Protest Decision Universal Protection Service

Bid protest that the agency improperly evaluated past performance by crediting the awardee with the past performance of its corporate affiliate, which served as the incumbent contractor, is denied where the awardee’s responses to discussions showed that the affiliate’s resources would be meaningfully involved in performance by the awardee, the discussions held with both offerors […]

Laurel Hockey and Daniel Strouse have joined the partnership

Cordatis LLP is pleased to announce that Laurel Hockey and Daniel Strouse have joined the partnership as of July 1, 2019

GAO Protest Decision Information International Associates, Inc.

Agency unreasonably evaluated awardee’s proposal as containing a strength where the added benefit identified by the agency was either not consistent with the terms of the solicitation or not adequately supported by the record, and the agency unreasonably evaluated the protester’s proposal as containing a weakness where the awardee’s proposal was not materially different from […]